Saturday, January 24, 2015

Isagenix Reviews And Why I'm Writing This One

A ton of the Isagenix Reviews I've seen are simply promoting a training or traffic generation course. Nothing wrong with this, as we all need to master our networking skills. But the truth is, if I hadn't found the company I'm promoting and the "tool" that is available, I'm not sure if I'd be here today. This has allowed me to be successful quickly, and for the long term now... and that what my Isagenix Reviews video is about here...

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MLM Recruiting 5 Tips To Enrolling More People

This may be the most important blog post I have ever written on MLM Recruiting. Because I'm thinking back all the way to 2002 when I first started in network marketing. So this will help the newbie just getting started, and also the MLM leader who may have forgotten this is how they got there.

You see, my story is only "half" the typical story you hear these days. You know the one, how everyone who is successful in MLM was dead broke when they started, and they struggled for years and years before they made any money at all.

Well, I was dead broke, living on $900 per month disability, but I didn't struggle for years. Because of one key strategy I applied from the very beginning, I enrolled 3 people my very first month in network marketing, then I enrolled 5 my second month, another 5 my third month, and by my fifth month I was enrolling over 20 people every single month.

So what are my MLM Recruiting Secrets?

Well, first I'll admit what I'm about to tell you is NOT what I do much of today. I've been networking for almost 10 years and have built a funnel that attracts people to me now, BUT if I had to start all over, I'd do it the exact same way I did it the first time. Because no matter what anyone tells you, in order to build a network, you have to connect with new people every day and follow up with them. It's the continued exposure that builds networks.

MLM Recruiting Tip #1:

Talk to at least 2-3 new people every single day, at least 5 days a week. Whether you are talking to people you know and asking for referrals, or buying leads, you should be talking to NEW people every day.

This will start to fill your pipeline, and also create that sense of lead prosperity. You NEVER want to get into a situation where you don't have at least a few people a day to connect with and start to build what I call your "A" list, which I'll talk more about below.

MLM Recruiting Tip #2:

Understand that most people whether it's people you know, leads you buy, or leads you generate yourself, aren't going to join your business on the very first contact.

This was one of the most important things I learned early on. Just knowing that 99% of people you connect with aren't going to just jump in will set your mind at ease, knowing that it will take many exposures.

MLM Recruiting Tip #3:

Create your "A" list. As you connect with your 2-3 new people every day, you'll start to find people who are interested and more importantly people that you may relate to better than others. Keep a separate notepad with a list of these people and their contact info.

I recommend rating each person with 1 to 5 stars, based on your gut feeling of how interested they are and how you related to them. As your "A" list grows you'll want to follow up more with your 5 stars than your 1 stars.

MLM Recruiting Tip #4:

The fortune is in the follow up. Now that you're talking to new people everyday, and building that "A" list of hot prospects, the follow up begins. A LOT of people drop the ball on this one, and it's the most important aspect to mlm recruiting.

Like I mentioned above, most people aren't going to join you on the first contact, just like it takes several TV commercial exposures for someone to buy, the same is true in network marketing.

There are a couple ways you can initiate the follow up, but make no mistake the telephone is by far the most important. To many people are relying solely on email or text these days, and although I highly recommend email follow up, an occasional phone follow up will usually make the difference in whether you end up sponsoring that person or not.

MLM Recruiting Tip #5:

Just stay consistent. If you follow the above tips, talk to new people every day, don't get discouraged when people don't jump right into your business, keep track of your hot prospects, and follow up in several different ways including the telephone, you will start to enroll more people into your network marketing business.

So at the top of this post I mentioned the Isagenix Reviews, and I want to be clear... You can make money building an Isagenix business, all I'm sharing is my experience and what I believe played a huge role in my success. Sometimes it's not the training that makes the difference, sometimes it is the company you choose to align with and the tools they provide.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yoli Review And Getting To The Bottom Of Success

Let's get right to it here, most Yoli Reviews that you see online aren't really telling you the whole story. If you want to succeed in network marketing, you need two skill sets, not just one. The second one is being able to recruit new people into your business, and a lot of reps stumble here, unless they have a tool, AND a product line that keeps people coming back month after month...

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 How To Find A Home Business And Decide If It's Right For You

Trying to find a home business these days can be very overwhelming as there are literally thousands of them to choose from.

If you're like me, you're probably on many email lists and you get hundreds of emails every week about the newest, greatest, best home business ever.

Well, you can relax now, as I'll share with you my 10+ years of experience working from home, and I'll give you a few things to really think about

1. Make sure it's a legitimate home business

This goes without saying, but I still see so many people throwing money away on garbage home business kits that promise riches in 24 hours or less, and they're so easy a 3 year old could do it.

Use some common sense. If it were really as easy as pushing some buttons, and a 3 year old could do it, we'd all be filthy rich in 30 days right?

My advice is to find a home business that "leverages" your time. In other words, you put in the time and effort to build it, then that time and effort pay off for years and years to come, even if you aren't working the business anymore.

2. Choose a product you can be passionate about

Like I mentioned above, there are literally thousands of home business opportunities, with new ones popping up every day. If you decide to join one that markets a niche product or service, then you better be emotionally attached to that product or service.

The reason I say this is, I believe most people fail or quit the business because they are not able to talk people into buying the product or service they are promoting.

Your best option is to find a home business where the products and services are things that people are buying anyway. That way you don't have to talk people into something, thus creating a higher success rate for yourself and those you bring into your network.

3. Find a Home Business without the Pay Plan "Gotchas"

One of the biggest mistakes people make when evaluating a home based networking business is they focus 100% on the pay out of the compensation plan, and they neglect the "requirements".

I am throwing this in because there are a few BIG players out there who have this pay plan "gotcha".

You ask any MLM leader and pretty much all of them will tell you that in their 2 or 3 legs they have instances where they sponsored someone who sponsored someone who sponsored a leader. There are a handful of compensation programs where you MUST be the personal sponsor of the person in order for them to count as a qualifying leg for you.

In my opinion this is the biggest issue with a pay plan as most of the time your leaders may be 3 or more generations away. So you want to make sure that the pay plan requirement is on "legs" NOT personally enrolled. It's a big deal when it comes to qualifying.

4. Look for a Stable Home Based Business Opportunity

Most start up home business opportunities fail within the first year or two of opening, and even more have growing pains that make it tough for the average person who isn't prepared to deal with the problems that usually come with a start up.

I'm not saying to completely stay away from start up companies, just be careful as the risk is high that they won't make it past the first 12 months, and even if they do it most likely will be rocky at times.

So my advise is to find a home business that has been around for at least 2 years, has all the bugs worked out and is ready for hyper growth.

5. Find a home business that is in high demand

My last suggestion to help you find a home based business that you can succeed with is ask the question, how big is my target market for this product or service.

Again, in my opinion, most people fail or quit their network marketing business because the product or service has major competition, or it's such a small niche that very few people are even interested in having it.

This leads to most distributors marketing the opportunity instead of the product or service. Then as soon as they realize their earnings aren't covering the cost of the product, they cancel the product or service.

You will find yourself having to constantly recruit new people because the product isn't strong enough to keep people on the monthly auto-ship, making it very difficult to retain a level of income that you don't have to keep building and rebuilding for.

So like I mentioned in the above video, Yoli is a great company, but my Yoli Review is more about making the right choice when it comes to picking the company in general. If it weren't for this one little tool, I may still be struggling along wondering if I'll ever make any money in MLM.

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brain Abundance Reviews What's Going On Here?

Yeah, what's going on in all these Brain Abundance Reviews, are they really there to give you a review of the company, or just sell you something? If you've seen more than one you know the answer to that. Well training is good, and much needed if you're struggling in MLM, but sometimes it's not all about the training, sometimes it's just that you're not aligned with the right company and tools to get it done...

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What You Must Believe To Achieve Network Marketing Success

A lot of people fail in network marketing, and they don't have to. What you need to understand is that if you work on what you really believe, you will change your results and you'll achieve network marketing success.

But I mean REALLY work on your beliefs. Because if you REALLY believe in these three main areas of your business, no one will EVER discourage you, and failure will NOT be an option.

1. You must believe in the profession of Network Marketing.

This is the core. No matter who you are, you will come across people who say things like, "is this one of those pyramid schemes?". Or "is this one of those things where I have to recruit my friends and family to make money?"

Listen, the profession of network marketing has been around for decades, and a LOT of people are earning a full time income. Most importantly, we have total time freedom. No boss! If you try and offer a full time networker a "job", they'll say, 'no thanks, not interested in one of those 40+ year scams ever again."

See, you have to own it. You have to know without a shadow of a doubt that what you're involved in is the ONLY true profession to financial AND time freedom. Nothing can waiver you, or discourage you.

If you don't believe in the profession, you'll allow others to beat you down and you'll never have success in network marketing.

I've been full time since 2003, and I'm telling you, I'm unemployable. So listen to success stories, they are proof this business works.

2. You must believe in your companies compensation program.

Again, just like believing in the profession of network marketing, it's critical that you know and believe that the opportunity you are building will satisfy your income goals.

Do some research, find out if the top earners in your company are making the kind of money you wish to make. In most cases you will learn they are earning way more than you could even imagine.

But again, you MUST own it. You have to program your mindset to believe without a shadow of a doubt that this is the company that you can reach your goals with. If you don't really believe it, it'll never happen.

3. You must believe that customers will benefit from the goods or services you are providing.

Lastly, you MUST truly believe that what you are offering will actually benefit your customer. It's hard to get others to buy something from you when you're "not sure" if it's actually going to be to their benefit or not.

Not believing in your product or service 100% leads to you only pushing the program to make money. This ends up causing a major problem that I'll talk more about in a future post.

Don't get caught up in all the Brain Abundance Review hype, watch that video above and take some quick action to get inside and see how I've been doing it for years.

Friday, January 2, 2015

AdvoCare Reviews Maybe This Is What You Need

Over the years the AdvoCare Reviews have dramatically shifted into outright training pitches, to be more precise, training course sales pitches. It might not be more training that you need, it could be other factors along with it, and that's what I'm sharing here today...

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My 3 MLM Compensation Plan Pitfalls To Watch Out For

It's almost been 9 years since I've had a "real job". I went full time in network marketing in March 2003, and I've seen just about every twist on an MLM Compensation Plan you could ever think of. So here are my 3 main pitfalls to watch out for when you're reviewing an MLM company and it's compensation plan.

MLM Compensation Plan Pitfall #1: Qualifying your business so you can earn a residual income.

About 2 years into my mlm career I got duped into a company that really touted their no breakage, no flaws 9 levels deep compensation plan. But after spending a solid year and a half we all found that in a real world scenario the pay plan had one MAJOR flaw. If I enrolled you and you enrolled Joe and Joe enrolled Mary and Mary became a heavy hitter advancing to a high rank, she did NOT count as one of my qualifying legs because I didn't enroll her directly.

In the real world we all know that leaders can come from someone you know who knows someone etc. So beware of the direct enrollment pitfall to qualify at those higher ranks that allow you to earn deeper in the compensation plan.

MLM Compensation Plan Pitfall #2: Balancing and Structure

This one about drove me out of the business a few times. You spend hours, days, months, and years building, recruiting, and making the company a lot of money. But unless you have the proper structure, you make very little on all that volume. Even if you introduce someone that otherwise would have never joined the company, there are a lot of compensation plans that unless you have 2 or more other "legs" with certain amounts of volume, you earn very little if anything from that person and what they brought to the company.

Now I know this is needed to some degree, but trust me, some mlm companies make you jump through some very tiny hoops to structure your business to earn any kind of residual income long term.

MLM Compensation Plan Pitfall #3: Global Bonus Pools and other Car or House Bonuses

A lot of mlm companies use their big global bonuses or car incentives to lure the masses in. But let's face it, most of your "average" builders will never reach those high levels, therefore never earning in that part of the compensation plan. This takes a huge portion of the companies profuts and gives it ALL to the elite and very few.

I understand the big builders should be rewarded, heck I love the extra money from building a big team. But if you really think about it, the BIG team one person builds is made up of MANY small teams that many people built. Shouldn't they all be rewarded a little something for those efforts and sales they brought to the company? I think so.

Be sure and scroll up and watch that AdvoCare Review video, and then opt in to my test drive, and you'll see exactly what I mean when I say that sometimes it's not just the training that is holding you back, it could be how you're building it.