Monday, March 30, 2015

ViSalus Reviews And The Single Factor They Leave Out

Let's cut to the chase, other ViSalus Reviews are doing a great job pushing you into great training, but what if there was another factor to being successful?

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You'll Sponsor More Reps When You Become More Valuable

Sponsoring more reps, and building a successful network marketing business online takes a total shift in your mindset...

For most people, and this may be one reason why so many fail to make any money at all, you may be "programmed" to think like an employee, not a business owner.

My goal in this post is to make you aware of this mindset issue, and hopefully help you make that shift to where you can start to see real results in your business, sponsor more people, and have true walk away time freedom.

Here's the problem...

When you apply for a job, and you get hired, you immediately know the hourly wage you're going to earn. So you can just multiply the hourly wage times the hours and you know that's what you're getting paid. The employer has also in place a "system" that instantly makes you "valuable" to the company. The job you perform is the value, and you're paid for it.

Sounds simple right?

So then you try and make the move into network marketing, and because of this employee mindset, it's all on YOU now. There is no guarantee of an hourly wage, no set hours, and no already in place "system" that makes you valuable.

You see, it's the "value" you bring to the marketplace that determins your income.

What most people do these days is grab ahold of their amazing business opportunity and start cramming it down anyone and everyone's throat, telling them it's the best pay plan, it's the best product, and oh yeah, you can get filthy rich if you just join right now!

And what does just about everyone do with this approach? Yep, they turn and run like hell, ha-ha... Why? Because 5 other people told them the same thing this week, and it's just getting annoying, because most people are smart enough to know that once they join, they're going to have to know how to build it.

You see, you haven't put your "system" in place, where YOU become valuable enough where someone else actually wants to join YOU, because they feel like you're someone who can show them the strategies to actually make money after they join.

There are literally thousands of network marketing opportunities available out there, and anyone can find them by doing a quick Google search, and they (for the most part), all have a great pay plan, and great products. So what makes the difference? It's YOU!

So the key to sponsoring more reps and becoming someone who others want to team up with comes down to the value you can offer.

Have you ever noticed the top money earners get to speak from stage at the events. Hmmm, wonder why that is?

It's because they have something of value to share. They've worked on themselves and mastered something that others want to know as well, and that leads to others wanting to join with them.

In the past, this normally took 5-7 years to achieve, but I have good news for you.

The internet is always evolving, and today more than ever it's easier for YOU to become more valuable, and therefor sponsor more reps into your network marketing business.

The key is getting plugged into a training community, and yes, buying some courses that you can learn from, and increase your "value". Without it, you will most likely just continue to flop around, like a fish out of water.

But hopefully now you understand the problem, and you know the solution. Right?

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Hey, ViSalus could be a great fit for you if you love meetings and home parties, and in that case most of the ViSalus Reviews won't help you as they are pushing you into online marketing strategies. But it's a work from home, online business you really want, then choosing the right company is critical, as they don't all offer the tools you may need.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Juice Plus Reviews And Why You Need To Consider This

Don't get caught up in the hype of other Juice Plus Reviews, mostly they just want to sell you more MLM training and traffic courses. The bottom line is, all the traffic in the world won't do you a bit of good if you can't convert that traffic into reps, and that's why I share this...

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What Is A Pyramid Scheme?

It's weird, after several decades and BILLIONS of dollars in product sales, people still get legitimate network marketing confused with illegal pyramid schemes.

So what is a pyramid scheme?

In simple terms, it's exchanging money with no product involved. I thought it would be more fun to really lay out the difference between network marketing and a traditional job though, since a lot of people still call anything that isn't a JOB a pyramid scheme....

So here's a post I put on Facebook today that sums it up...

Are you in one of those Pyramid Scams?

You probably are and don't even know it, lol...

For those of you who still call legitimate network marketing programs a pyramid scheme, then say things like "get a real job", I just have to laugh...

Let's take a quick look...

A network marketing company simply does one thing, provides a product or service to the market. Hmmm, sounds pretty normal so far, a "traditional" company does the same thing.

A network marketing company looks like a pyramid as you start to build your network of customers. A traditional company does too, you have the owner or CEO at the top, then a few lower paid Executives under him, then a sales force who make even less, and then all the lower end workers that make it all happen, and get paid the least amount.

BUT here's the real difference... In network marketing, in order for you to earn more and move up, you have to help MORE people earn more and move up. In your traditional company in order for you to move up someone has to quit, get fired, or DIE. Ummm, that doesn't seem as cool as our network marketing pyramid scheme...

And no, in network marketing, the people at the top don't always earn the most. Thousands can prove this in any company...

Oh, and notice I said "him" when talking about the owner or CEO? That was no slip up, most top level high paying Executives are still men, whereas in network marketing, ANYONE can rise to the top, no matter what gender, race, or even if you never finished high school, a TRUE equal opportunity employer.

Not looking so good for those "traditional" pyramid schemes so far is it?

One last thing though, what about all the customers, using and loving the product or service who can't help themselves from telling their friends and family about it?

You know, I LOVE my iPhone, and I tell people how awesome it is, and not to buy anything but an iPhone. But geez, Apple has never sent me a commission check for all that word of mouth advertising, not one penny. Network marketing companies pay you for sharing what you love, simple as that.

And hell yeah people are excited, and aggressive when it comes to sharing their products, because they know a few things that the haters refuse to admit.

1. They don't have to wish someone quits, gets fired, or dies for them to move up and earn more.

2. They don't have to wake up everyday and leave the house they're working their ass off to pay for, and go to a job they really don't like much anyway.

3. They can take time off or go to the bathroom without asking permission.

4. They can set their own wages, no boundaries, no limits.

So what scenario do you think is the real scam here? Those that continue to be close minded and tell us networkers to "get a real job", I think we'll just keep on laughing and having fun, while we live life on our terms, NOT someone elses.

Can't wait to see the comments on this one, wink :-)

So there you have it, it's such a stupid phrase to keep passing on we're all just tired of even talking about it.

Some think network marketing is a pyramid scheme, but so is a traditional job. They're both totally legal, so you just have to decide whether you want to slave away for 40+ years, 40+ hours per week, with only a couple weeks off per year, or...

Do your own thing, get paid to build a network of passionate product users who love what they do, set their own hours and have NO limits on their income potential.

And best of all, once you get it rolling, you can take weeks, even months off at a time and still earn the paychecks. True time and financial freedom.

If you'd like to work with me and see what I'm doing, click on the image here to take a free test drive...

Back to the Juice Plus Reviews for a moment... this is why I want to share my experience with you. There is nothing wrong with the Juice Plus product or company, many have been successful and the company has been around for a long long time.

But there has also been a lot of people who haven't been successful, some just never gave it a legit shot, while others worked their butts off. I personally worked my butt off in a similar  company who taught a simalr strategy on how to build. But I've always done WAY better with a recruiting system that assisted in the recruiting process, and you'll see this system when you click that link below my video above.