Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hottest Penny Matrix Review Need The Whole Truth?

Because your checking out the Penny Matrix Reviews, I'm guessing you've possibly already became a member of , or you're considering joining.

Either way, you will be glad you discovered this Penny Matrix Review, as I'm going to go over what many other reviews simply just aren't wanting to tell you...

To start, there is no Penny Matrix Scam, it's a legit program with a real product. So you have nothing to worry about there...

However I'm going to assume that you are not looking at the Penny Matrix program for it's products, as most are not, You simply want to make money right?

This is where the problem begins...

Even if this business has a very low cost, you are still going to have to convince other people to spend money on something they are most likely not already purchasing, and so are you. Otherwise you are not qualified to earn any commissions.

The very minimal monthly cost can actually be a negative too, as it just takes a LOT more people to earn the revenue you might be wanting, and that means just as much work as it takes for a higher dollar program.

Even so, as individuals in your matrix do not get to a break even point, enough to pay for their monthly expense, they will likely cancel. Leaving you to have to keep rebuilding every few months just simply to replace people who are dropping out.

This is exactly why all programs, regardless of what the monthly cost, have a 50-60% or more quit rate every 6-12 months.

Individuals get into the program to make money, not for the product, and when that does not happen for them, they quit. It's just simply the reality of the design.

I'm not saying you can't make revenue with the Penny Matrix program, and I don't claim to be an expert or Guru here, I'm simply just sharing from my 10+ years of experience with the network marketing world. I have actually made a living for more than a decade in similar models, however what I'm sharing is real no matter what the cost to get and stay in is.

So what's the solution?

Well again, if it's the business to produce revenue that is the most important thing, then wouldn't it make sense to spend your time and energy building something that was sustainable? Something that had long term lasting power, and... here is the best part....

Realizing that individuals are going to quit, and in order to construct a long term residual income you are going to need to enroll more than just simply a few individuals. This is why all of the best money earners online have 1 thing in common...

They all have a lead generating sales funnel set up, which keeps new fresh prospects looking at and joining their business.

It's no different with the Penny Matrix program, if you want long term results, then learning methods to bring new people to your presentation and keep a constant flow of new signups coming in monthly is the only way to develop a long term sustainable revenue.

And the most essential part is, you need it to be automated, so you're able to set the traffic in motion, and be able to walk away and still have individuals enrolling in whether you're working or not. It is what I call building a business and having a life at the same time.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yoli Review Exposing The Facts

This Yoli Review will probably be completely different from all the rest. I'm going to convey to you the crazy truth, so you're able to make the best determination possible.

First off, there is no Yoli Scam, this is a completely legit company with real products, and solid leadership. I have spoken with one of the founders, Corey Citron in the past. He was 1 of the creators of the system we used to develop another company. Wonderful networker, and terrific leader...

If you're simply looking at the Yoli products, just test them, it's the only way you will know if you're going to like them or not.

With that said, there are a few road blocks you'll run into if you choose to build a Yoli business...

If you are like 97% of the people considering Yoli, you're most likely more interested in the opportunity to make money, and there's an awesome opportunity here...

However, you will have to convince and influence other individuals to purchase a product they are not already buying, and this is where the major problems come into play.

As most individuals are just simply looking at the Yoli business, and would like to create an extra or life transforming income, the products become secondary. I'm not saying some won't fall in love, but for most it is simply just an additional expense.

Plus, there's a monthly auto-ship requirement to get paid commissions. This is exactly why most network marketing companies see a 50-60% drop out rate over a 6-12 month period.

When most individuals are joining Yoli for the program, and going on a monthly auto-ship to earn commissions, if they are not making enough within 3-6 months to pay for this product expenditure, they typically cancel.

So what takes place is you end up having to build and rebuild your network every 6-12 months, barely able to keep replacing the ones who quit just simply to sustain your revenue level. That's, if you are able to develop any momentum to earn enough to pay for your products to start with.

Most are not, as they find it difficult convincing other folks to order a product they really did not need or want until you approached them with it, right?

So what's the solution?

I told you I would shoot straight, because I wish for you to succeed. So knowing about the selling, convincing, and the massive attrition which goes along with developing a Yoli business, you must have a system in place which generates endless leads to funnel into your network.

Knowing that people will quit, having a system that allows you to generate an infinite flow of prospects will allow you to create a long term sustainable business, and keep you in the game long enough to locate and train the leaders to produce that walk away revenue stream.

Let's say I could also show you methods to generate an income off the 90%+ who say no to your Yoli business? Create and enless flow of prospects using this 3 step formula and generate an extra income even if individuals do not join your main business...

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Monday, June 17, 2013

NateBianco.com Providing Fresh Network Marketing Training

Visit NateBianco.com for new fresh network marketing training...

One of the things I like others to know about me, is that I'm just an average person, with a visual impairment. So I'm not one of these guru's who creates new products every 6 months to sell. I'm not using fancy video editing and all the stuff that the average person cannot do, or just doesn't have the time to do.

I simply use a very basic formula to generate leads online, so I don't have to do home meetings, or make hours of cold calls and follow up calls. I put prospects through a funnel that does the selling for me, builds the relationships with my leads on autopilot, and gets people into my business without me even having to talk to them in most cases.

With this simple formula I've been able to create and sustain my full time income working from home since March 2003.

There are several ways to build a successful network marketing business, and they all work, if you put in the time and effort, and don't give up. But for me, automating as much of the process as possible allows me to build a sustainable income online, and have a life at the same time. In other words, not being tied to the computer or the telephone all day is important to me, and that's what I teach others how to do.

Visit my blog here at http://www.natebianco.com

Talk soon,

Nate Bianco

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Latest XanGo Review Exposes The Truth

Just posted a new XanGo Review over on my blog... For those looking to build a XanGo business, you must understand why over 95% fail to make any money at all, and what you can do to not fall into that statistic.

There are crap loads of XanGo Reviews out there, and some even talking about a XanGo Scam, but virtually none of them will tell you what I will

What I'm going to show you is how to build a successful XanGo business, and have a life at the same time.

Go to the XanGo Review

Talk soon,

Nate Bianco