Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ViSalus Reviews Here's The One Factor You Should Consider

Hey there, when you're checking out the ViSalus Reviews, make sure you fully understand what will be required long term in order to succeed.

In other words, I'm referring to what you will have to do daily in order to build a network that brings in a significant income. Most ViSalus distributors teach the home party approach, and that is fine if that's something you will love doing.

But if you think you're going to want to build your ViSalus business online, then it comes down to lead generation and "conversions". Sure, there is a web system, but in my 10+ years of experience very few companies have an online marketing system that really works.

What I mean is, how many people just pull out their credit card and join based on the work that the system is doing. Most company systems take 500-1000 leads just to convert one into a team member or customer. In order to get better numbers you need to pick up the phone and follow up with your leads several times, and you better be good at prospecting too.

This means several hours per day on the telephone. Again, nothing wrong with this as long as you know you're going to enjoy this for at least a few years until you build a foundation, and even then you will need to continue this at some level to maintain your income.

For me personally, I realized I didn't enjoy this approach. I'd rather harness the power of a system that really gets results with very little effort on my part. I do not call leads at all, but yet this system gets 1 in 35 to pull out their credit card and join my team. That is a system you can build quickly with, PLUS it gives even the worst phone prospectors a level playing field to succeed. That means more team members and customers for everyone, building you and your team a bigger pay check with less effort.

Sound good to you?

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